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Face to Face 
Would you like to help create more open and inclusive societies, expand your horizons and gain new perspectives? 

Face to Face is an initiative of
he More Than One Story Project.
In order to encourage conve
rsation between people of
all ages, backgrounds and cultures, we are
promoting the use of a symbol in daily life.
A speech bubble with three dots is our symbol.
Whenever you want, wherever you are,
you can wear this symbol to send the following
message to the people around you: 

“Feel free to talk with me. Let’s build bridges.” 

Meet new people

Face to


face to face-5046.jpg
face to face-4903.jpg
face to face-4989.jpg

Let´s be creative!

You can draw or print the symbol in any colour, onto pins or onto clothes you wear and things you carry. We encourage individuals, schools, organisations, and workplaces to share this text, talk about the possibilities which Face to Face creates, and invite people to activities where they can print, draw and paint their own symbols. 


For more information, or to let us know how you or your organization are spreading Face to Face, please contact us. We welcome your stories and pictures.


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face to face-4839.jpg
face to face-5102.jpg

Meet others? 

Would you like to meet others who are promoting Face to Face?  You are welcome to join us online when we meet people and organizations who are actively working for intercultural dialogue and spreading the Face to Face initiative.


You are welcome to send us an


Let´s work together!

Spread the


face to face-4878.jpg

Does your school, organization, conference, event or workplace want to spread Face to Face? 

You can organize workshops which encourage people to use the symbol.


You can order custom printed pins, stickers, clothes and accessories online using the high quality symbol which you find here. 


Here is the film >>

Please share the film with people you know!


Here is a speech bubble you can use >>

face to face-4854.jpg

Let´s talk!

When you meet others with the same symbol, you will know that you are welcome to talk with them. It may take time before you see people with the symbol; however, some will surely ask you about yours, and this will give you a chance to deepen conversations as you spread a powerful message. 

The More Than One Story Project

The project behind the initiative Face to Face

The purpose of The More Than One Story project is to build bridges, increase understanding, respect and appreciation between people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

By creating new forms of meetings that promote increased self-awareness, we encourage people to challenge their own prejudices so that mistrust and fear can be transformed into a desire to learn to know others.


The Department of Culture and Leisure of the Municipality of Simrishamn, Sweden, created The More Than One Story card game together with young people and adults during the autumn of 2011. In cooperation with The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and our partner organisations, the card game has spread to more than one and a half

million people, in 30 different languages. 

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